• BN DeStem

    Accompanying an article about the cruel Bersiap period in Indonesia. Edition of Saturday 07-09-2013.

  • book cover (poetry)

    by Ronny Dijksterhuis Title: Hartverkoelend

  • Film flyer 'Ver van familie'

    movieset background

  • Kunstgids Kunstenaars

    Kunstgids Kunstenaars 2008 (first edition 2008) www.kunstgids-nederland.nl Amsterdam

  • De Pers 17 aug 2008

    For the release of the movie 'Ver van familie' from writer Marion Bloem. Pressphoto movieset.

  • Flyer for the play 'Quellijnstraat 64'

    assignment for Koningstheater 's-Hertogenbosch and Jelle Amersfoort

  • Poster Jelle Amersfoort & band in concert

    Jelle's show at Theatre festival Boulevard 2009 's-Hertogenbosch

  • CD cover Jelle Amersfoort - Verkocht aan haar

    CD Cover from dutch singer/performer Jelle Amersfoort

  • Flyer Club Dauphine

    Photo of singer Erica Groeneveld

  • Weblog Indisch 3.0.

    cartoons/ political drawings